Deception for our Times? Questioning Anne a Lay Apostle

Scandal is developing around an American woman living in Ireland who claims to be a Catholic mystic but hides her true identity, misleads people, takes in millions of dollars and is protected by influential people.

For the past several years, Kathryn Ann Clarke, going under the name of “Anne a lay apostle” has been travelling around the world to promote alleged messages from heaven she claims to receive in the form of locutions (i.e. hearing interior voices supposedly from heaven).[i]  She established a non-profit organization entitled “Direction For Our Times” (DFOT) to spread her “messages.”

In her travels, Kathryn gained the support of many popular and respected Catholic figures, including her Bishop, Leo O’Reilly of the Diocese of Kilmore, and popular spiritual writers Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scallon.

For nearly seven years Sr. McKenna and Fr. Scallon promoted Kathryn around the world.  Surprisingly, these two writers publicly pulled their support in August, 2011.[ii]  Neither McKenna nor Scallon have fully explained why and they have not issued any further public comment.  However, a look at public DFOT records and other documents might offer some insight.

According to the Illinois Charitable Organization Annual Report for the year 2010, Kathryn Clarke makes over $60,000 per year.[iii]  The Annual Report shows Kathryn has an executive team with some members that are paid between $49-70,000.  Her spiritual director/chaplain, Fr. Darragh Connolly, received $33,000 in 2009 for his services.  These monies are given despite Catholic Church doctrine against profiting from alleged heavenly messages.[iv]

In response to the monies Kathryn is “compensated,” Fr. Connolly stated in March 2012 to the Anglo-Celt that, “Anne does not profit from the Word of God no more than anyone who works in the Church.”  He proceeded to distinguish between Kathryn’s writings and administrative work, saying, “It was decided by the board that Anne should be compensated for her tireless leadership and administrative work for this international apostolate. Anne receives no compensation for the writing of books nor any royalties from the sale of these books.”[v]

According to official Irish business records, the list of DFOT Ireland board of directors was formally established in 2007 and was changed in 2010.[vi]  The Illinois Annual Reports show another board for the DFOT-USA organization and a few names cross over between the two records.  Connolly did not specify to the Anglo-Celt which board (or in what country and year) voted to “compensate” Kathryn.

Moreover, DFOT states on its web site, “[DFOT] was created to focus specifically on the mission of spreading the messages revealed to Anne, a lay apostle.”[vii]  The consistency of this focus with the monies Kathryn receives for her work to spread “messages” she wrote was not addressed by Connolly, nor the fact many of Kathryn’s family and friends are on her payroll.[viii]

Aside from possible nepotism/cronyism, Kathryn Clarke lives a double life—one as Anne the “locutionist” and the other as Kathryn Clarke, writer and domestic violence prevention advocate.

In 2002, Kathryn Clarke gave a $400 campaign contribution to her Lutheran friend and co-worker Karla Fiaoni.[ix]  At the time, Kathryn was receiving her alleged locutions and Fiaoni was running for a judicial position in the State of Illinois with pro-choice views.[x]  In a 2010 election for another judicial position, Fiaoni was endorsed by the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association.[xi]  This endorsement came while Fiaoni worked as Secretary to DFOT and after her conversion to Catholicism in 2006 after reading Kathryn’s writings as “Anne.”[xii]

Kathryn herself appears to endorse same-sex relationships while paying lip-service to Catholic Church teaching.

In 2004, Kathryn published a novel entitled, “The Breakable Vow” with HarperCollins Publishers.  Accompanying the book was a curriculum that positively discusses same-sex relationships and sexual activity outside of marriage.[xiii]  This is in direct contradiction to Catholic Church teaching and which Kathryn—as Anne—claims to support.  The Breakable Vow is still available for sale, giving Kathryn further financial revenues in addition to those stated above.

Previous attempts to question Kathryn’s claims and her apparent double life have been rebuffed by Kathryn and her close associates.[xiv]

Between 2007 and 2008, Fr. Darragh Connolly stated that he and Bishop O’Reilly are “fully aware” of certain questions surrounding Kathryn.  He characterized the questions as “malicious and completely unfounded” and more recently to the Anglo-Celt as “tripe and trash.”[xv]  Theologian Dr. Mark Miravalle dismissed further questions that arose after Sr. Briege and Fr. Scallon publicly withdrew their support of Anne, and claimed Kathryn’s writings come from God.[xvi]  In 2008, Kathryn herself characterized the questions surrounding her as an issue of her “not being holy enough.”[xvii]

Meanwhile, DFOT solicited tens of thousands of dollars from its “lay apostles” to purchase Holy Trinity Abbey in Kilnacrott, Ireland.[xviii]  DFOT claims Jesus wanted the Abbey in order to bring healing to people after one of the Abbey’s deceased members, Fr. Brendan Smyth, abused many children.[xix]  Monies for the purchase of the Abbey were given despite the fact that the 2010 Illinois Annual Report indicates a less-than-satisfactory DFOT oversight of its finances.[xx]

Unfazed by the mounting questions about its oracle, DFOT continues with its self-styled “rescue mission.” Citing the authority of Bishop O’Reilly and a commission established in 2009 to examine Kathryn’s claims, Fr. Connolly stated DFOT is not obligated to give a response.[xxi]

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Kevin Symonds writes from South Carolina.  He received his B.A. and M.A. in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and is the author of the book, Private Revelation: What Does the Catholic Church Teach?

  • noelfitz

    Hello Kevin,
    thank you for this article. It is unfortunately very accurate.

    Both Sr Briege McKenna and Fr Kevin Scallon are very respected, and have withdrawn their support for Kathryn Anne Clarke, but I am not sure of Bishop Leo O’Reilly’s position.

    Catholic Answers considered Ms Clarke to be a fraud.

    “Anne the Lay Apostle really IS Kathryn Anne Clark. She’s a fraud and a liar! I’m friends with Rick Salbato, and he is telling the truth.” http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=2040865

    • http://d-rium.blogspot.com Kevin Symonds

      Dare I say “quite” accurate, Noel?

    • Mary Kochan

      Noel, you can’t say “Catholic Answers considered Ms Clarke to be a fraud” when you are merely referring to a comment made by one of their readers. That is not the same as Catholic Answers taking a position.

  • noelfitz

    Mary, as usual I fully agree with you. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Rivka

      Thanks for accepting the clarification graciously. :)

  • Kevin Symonds

    It has come to my attention certain “questions” about me and Anne. I would like to address them.

    1) I have not made one penny from my writings on Anne. In fact, I have spent money in my research.

    2) The matter is one of the preservation of faith and good morals.

    -Kevin J. Symonds

    • Robs Rob

      Having a background in theology you will know that the granting of the imprimatur is a declaration by the properly constituted Church Authority that the work to which the imprimatur has been granted is declared free from moral and doctrinal error. Given that this is now the case with Anne’s writings, are you now prepared to submit to the Authority of the Catholic Church and accept, as Bishop Leo O Reilly has declared, that Anne’s writings are indeed in full communion with Catholic Faith and morals?
      And if not…why not?
      Please understand, Kevin, I mean no disrespect to you or anyone who genuinely cherishes truth but the logic of the situation seems inescapable.

      With my good wishes to all,

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  • Michael Bettinger

    Thank you for this concise presentation of facts surrounding the controversy of this spiritual movement, which resembles a personality cult vs. an orthodox Catholic apostolate. Bishop O’Reilly is looking and sounding more and more like the man trying to stay concealed from view as the mutt Toto pulls back the curtain, exposing the truth.

    Bishop O’Reilly, along with Fr. Connolly, always speak of the “fruits” of this movement. How come they don’t discuss the “rot” too? In a recent interview, anonymous Anne granted, she said the ministry is “under attack” constantly, and that those who challenge the ministry are “the enemy of goodness.” It is precisely that mantra that she instructs her “little apostles” that is causing harmful divisions. If a priest or lay person asks the questions that need to be asked in their own discernment, they are deemed to be the enemy. This should not be.

    This article presents many questions that need to be examined. I guess the question remains, will the good Bishop address each of them?

  • noelfitz

    Mr Symonds,
    I am very grateful to you for your contributions. This current article by you is very important and as time goes on I am becoming more concerned.

    Please keep up the good work you are doing.I enclose below a quote that may be relevant.
    “Bishop Leo O’Reilly established a commission to investigate the authenticity of the phenomenon in 2010. He said the ”work of evaluation is continuing and the outcome of it will be made public in due course”. Dr O’Reilly has also forwarded a copy of the writing of the alleged visionary to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome for doctrinal assessment.
    Dr O’Reilly pointed out that his ”permission to distribute the messages does not imply a final judgment on whether they are authentic private revelation.
    ”A final judgment on that question must await the outcome of an official Church inquiry into these matters,” he said” (http://www.irishcatholic.ie/site/content/anne-visionary-movement-has-%C2%80400k-bank).

  • Michael Bettinger

    Shocked at this Anne a lay apostle movement and confused about statements made by Bishop Leo O’Reilly. Thanks for the additional information for our discernment NoelIfitz, this might be helpful too. If you go to FAQ at the DFOTwebsite , you read under “Where do the messages come from?” that “The messages have been given to Anne, a lay apostle, by Jesus, the Blessed Mother, God the Father, and many saints.” If Bishop O’Reilly and Fr. Connolly agree this is truth, and they have said nothing gets published without their approval, why the need to forward the messages onto the CDF for discernment of authenticity, as it would appear they’ve already given the green light the origin of the messages.
    Second point, under the question “Why does Anne continue to be anonymous?, we read Jesus and Mary (assuming they mean Our Lady) instructed her to work anonymously. If this is so, why then does she still continue to do work as Kathy Clarke? One would have thought Jesus and Mary might have had objected to her having pro-choice individuals involved in DFOT, as indicated in this article.
    Lastly, under the question “Are the messages for Christians only?,” DFOT responds, “Not at all.” So, is this movement “Catholic” or not?

  • Longtimefollower

    While I appreciate a healthy cynicism to asking inquiring questions about someone who has put themselves out there for potential scrutiny, I hope the Mr. Symonds, that you took the time to read The Volumes and understand that the messages Anne shares have never been nor do they give any sense of self-agrandizement. If you want to try to address concerns of what she is doing and has done since 2004, I challenge you to object or provide debate to any single message she has ever written. Each and every book opens with a disclaimer that the Church has not formally yet approved the apparitions, and that in fact, they have been submitted the Holy See for NIHIL OBSTAT and the Imprimatur.
    If anyone who has ever started a movement or a group knows, you start and bring in people you know and trust and who are inspired by what you are doing. Nothing you have provided indicates otherwise, and I would argue, the financial numbers you bring up are nothing that could be taken as profiting. I would take them as enough to subsidize a reasonable support of making a living.

    Anne has never stated she is not a sinner, and in fact her messages of hope and mercy have been consistent from the very beginning. As Pope Urban VIII is quoted in the beginning of each volume: “In cases which involve private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for if you believe and it is proven false, you will receive all blessing as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true.” As a reader and follower of the Volumes for quite a long time, i respectfully challenge the skeptics to review the messages and return with any issues of what the messages said and have been saying all along.
    Lastly Mr. Symonds, as a Steubenville graduate, i hope you took the time to interview or talk with Dr. Mark Miravalle who is a professor at Steubenville and has interviewed Anne a number of times. His perspective would be a welcomed input to your story.

    • Guest

      Can I ask you why does ‘anne’ want to remain anonymous ? It doesn’t make any sense to have anonymous visionaries.

      • Rivka

        In perfect honesty, I think it makes sense for any visionary (or alleged visionary) to want to remain anonymous so as to have more of a chance to live a comparatively normal life with their family.

        • Kevin Symonds

          Or to hide their past.

  • Alpha1

    Why does a ‘visionary’ wish to remain anonymous ? Why are these people not put under an order of obedience as many true visionaries in the past were ? I wonder if Bishop O’Reilly asked this woman to stop selling her books and close her operations down for a year, would she do it ? I don’t think so. She is a complete fraud, anyone who make money for themselves out of messages they claim to receive from God is a fraud. In Ireland, we can see also the workings of Christina Gallagher who took money and donations from vulnerable innocent people. Another self proclaimed visionary from Ireland calling herself ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ who promotes ‘The Warning Second Coming’ is another anonymous false visionary. Have any of these women undergone proper psychological and theological tests ? St. Bernadettee, The Seers of Fatima, St. Faustina Kowalska, St. Pio and others underwent severe and strict testing by the Church. Why are the Hierarchy in Ireland allowing these ‘anonymous’ and other ‘visionaries’ to prey on vulnerable people ?

  • chiefsfan

    I think an indefinite order to stop would be more telling. If the above is correct (which I am most certain is), then the possibility of support for a year from her wealthy supporters is a more like a probability. I personally have read her books. I have also taken notice to the fact that there is little to no reference to scripture on her website, little to no quotations from the saints (why not give St. Teresa’s explanation of locutions instead of Fr. Gobbi’s?), as well as portraits of the “Gospa” behind her as she gives some of her video lessons. Much discernment is needed with this one, friends. I think our Catholic brothers and sisters are so hungry for anything that they will accept the temporary nourishment of this “sugar,” in place of the “meat” that will sustain them in the long run. My prayers to all of you. Wonderful work, Kevin. Keep it up.

    • Mariamante

      Stop what? Discussing God’s love? Why is that so offensive to you?

      • Kevin Symonds

        Love and lies or falsehoods do not go together. Just because Kathryn Clarke preaches God’s love does not thereby mean her alleged locutions are supernatural.

  • TCP

    Mathew 7:15

    Submitting her writings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in Rome and letting her followers know was a good ploy as it will take years for them to approve or disapprove them.

    She needs to be exposed. I don’t understand how this can go on or how the local Bishop can be so ignorant on this.

  • Paul

    I have been involved with the apostolate for several years and I have never been asked for money, most of the books have been handed to me for free . I can firmly state, in the strongest possible terms ,that Anne is a devout catholic who is both hard working and a devoted mother to six children.(Bearing in mind that nobody is perfect) Whenever I have heard her talk the emphasis has been always directly on Christ and his Church, never on herself. I believe that the decision not to publish writings using her own name was an attempt to protect her young family from the obvious attention these works would attract. The only thing that these writings have inspired in me is a desire to become a better person and a better catholic and to deepen my relationship with Christ . If that is subversive or deceptive then I must be missing something. I implore anyone who is discussing these writings to first pray about it and then read some of them . Anne consistently states that her primary concern is to remain in complete obedience to the church ( the relevant authority in this case being Bishop Leo o Reilly). In addition to this she has always stated that she would only publish her works with the permission of Bishop o Reilly , As a consequence two of the volumes (5 & 8 )remained unpublished , up until a few weeks ago, when permission was received for the publication of volume 5. Now, despite all of the rumours and all of the supposed scandal , Bishop O Reilly still feels that it is appropriate for the publication of these works . In light of this I will continue to take my lead from the relevant authority in the matter , Bishop O Reilly .All of this is said without even beginning to go into the multitude of graces that my family and friends have recieved through the apostolate. These volumes are not meant to replace any of the teachings of our faith, they are messages for this time , messages that served to help me refocus on the important things , namely prayer ,adoration ,monthly confession and rising each morning and offering my day to the lord . I hope this will be of help to anyone who is concerned about the apostolate .

    • Kevin Symonds

      Hello Paul. Thank you for posting.

    • Kevin Symonds

      You must not be signed up for her newsletter in which Anne fairly regularly asks for money. She just did so in the past two weeks.

      • Paul

        i suspect if you compiled a list of religious organisations/charities which did not at some point appeal for donations , it would be a decidely short list Kevin. You may also be interested to know that permission has now been recieved to print the final withheld volume (8) .

        • Mike

          Agreed Paul.

        • Kevin Symonds

          Paul, I was merely responding to a specific point you made.
          However, if you wish to give money hand-over-fist to Anne and DFOT, by all means, please do so.
          Just remember one thing: There was an Apostolic Visitation in Ireland for a reason.

    • Mike

      Paul – I agree with all your comments and would like to emphasize…”the only thing that these writings have inspired in me is a desire to become a better person and a better catholic and to deepen my relationship with Christ.”

      • Kevin Symonds

        I would like to encourage you to read my article “The Greatest of Pastoral Care” here on Catholic Lane. It address this very point.

  • Mariamante

    The messages revealed to Anne are amazing. I love them. We are all called to be apostles. There are many reasons for her anonymity. She wants to maintain the messages about Jesus, and not about her, like some of those Mega TV cultish personality figures. Anyone in this world, with a real message of truth will be attacked. She has NEVER said anything contrary to the bible, and articles like these are rampant.

    • Kevin Symonds

      Mariamante…of the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood?

    • Prudence

      Anyone can “discuss” God’s love, Nora. The issue here is the origin of the messages along with proper investigation. There are many feel good movements. Not all are from Jesus, Mary, the Saints, etc. As for Mariamante, you consider ALL questioning of someone who claims to receive messages from Heaven an attack? I consider it prudent, especially when a “visionary” chooses to be anonymous in such a public way! Be a victim once to these people and then talk about messages of love! You will be lucky to have ANY faith left!

      • Kevin Symonds

        “Nora”? As in Nora McCarthy?

  • Marie Dean

    I put this on my blog..thanks for this post. I read the first three books and was uneasy with some of the wording. Like so many others, this is probably only personal meditations and not visions or messages. Women of Grace also has an article on her. Why bishops get involved with these seers is beyond me. All we need is the Revelation of the Scriptures, the sacraments, the writings of the great saints, and the Catechism. Why people feel the need to read the latest seers is something I do not understand. Of course, the disclaimer is confusing to people who only see the bishops’ approvals. I always wait for the CDF decisions on these types of things.

  • Holly

    Are you kidding me? So she is compensated for her job and others are compensated for theirs. Big deal. People who work at churches are compensated for theirs as well. She travels constantly. It’s not like she is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have read some of the books and went to a couple of meetings. Never was I asked for money.

    • Maria

      I am a lay apostle of Jesus Chris Returning King for past seven years.
      I attend Mass daily.
      All the messages in the Volumes are in line with Catholic teachings and with the scripture which I read each day.
      Also I never was asked for the money from DFOT.
      I would like to share with you part of my personal testimony which I freely gave about Volumes about 5 years ago.

      I was born in Warsaw, Poland. When I was 17
      years old I gave birth to my son, Dominik and become a single parent.
      I came to US when I was almost 21 years old together with my son and made our home here.
      I was raising and supporting my son, Dominik by myself for 13 years.
      We struggled often from financial needs and emotionally as well; I always tried to keep “things” together somehow working extra hours and often worrying about Dominik staying home alone.
      My faith in God at that time kept us going; I prayed and hoped that things would get better.
      We were always going to church on Sunday and holy days attending Mass regularly.
      God had answered my prayers when I met my loving husband, Greg.
      I got married when Dominik was 13 years old and gave birth to our son, Anthony.
      Somehow we became lukewarm Catholics not always attending Mass on Sundays and growing apart from our church.
      When Anthony went to kindergarten I got a job as a Real Estate Professional to help us financially.
      I was working many hours and now I was growing apart from my family.
      Wake up call came
      on December 13th 2005, when on one cold night Dominik left home and never came back. Police knocked on our door four in the morning and we had to drive to police pricing to find out that our son, Dominik died in automobile accident.
      Now shock, denial, disbelief, anger and grief were what was left for me.I had to learn how to deal with it.
      I didn’t know how to go on but yet I knew that I must go on for Anthony and for my husband.
      I resented God; I was so angry I called Our Lord a monster at one time and even denied His existence.
      I didn’t want to go church any longer but did it just because Anthony was preparing for his First Communion and thank God for to my husband for taking over. If not for Greg
      Anthony wouldn’t go First Communion that year; I wasn’t capable to prepare him.
      Summer 2006 my parents came for a visit from Poland and to help me; I was a wreck, emotionally and physically.
      Thank God for my mom, she has a real gift of faith. One day when we were at the cemetery by Dominik’s grave my mom was praying and I was angry at her for doing so; I couldn’t pray. I wanted her to stop praying and stop crying. In answer to it
      my mom told me that her faith is her treasure. My reply to her it was that I wish to have faith like her too, so I can be with my son again just for that reason alone.
      Somehow seed was planted in me and my search for God had begun.
      On October 2006 my husband’s cousin, Michele gave us a DVD of “Anne lay apostle” on Tele Care. When I heard her speaking
      something melted in my heart and I asked my husband to find out about the volumes, which he did and ordered them for me.
      When the Volumes arrived and I started to read I knew that God granted me my wish. He was talking to me and I couldn’t stop reading and sharing with my husband and Anthony as well.
      Things in my small family started to change, we started to pray in the mornings and read Anne’s volumes and also a Bible.
      My completed conversion had happen when I read Volume Four: “Jesus speaks to sinners” and I went to confession.
      After reading volume Six I quit my job to be a wife to my husband and a mother to Anthony.
      I also felt in my heart that Our Lord personally called me to become Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion, when I was praying before Blessed Sacrament, which I did become one and that was just the beginning.
      All of us three became “lay apostles of Jesus Christ returning King”.
      We pray rosary each evening, read message from Our Lord together each month and going confession once a month.
      I try to do my adoration before Blessed Sacrament once week.
      Anthony became altar server and goes to church with me before school almost every morning; also he joined the church chorus, he likes to sing. I also bring Communion to homebound; I become mentor of young single mother in catholic charities, I’m participating in Baptism Program and I assist funerals in our church.
      Well my husband works to support our small family and we still share what we can with others.
      God is so good to us and bless us each day.
      I am forever grateful to Our Lady; I know she helped me to find Jesus.
      I’m forever grateful to Our Lord Jesus, for saving me.
      I’m also grateful for my mom, she never stopped praying for me and for my husband who never gives up on me and always gives me support.
      I’m still grieving its only 3 years Dominik had gone with Our Lord but going to Mass each morning, to receive Our Lord in a Communion gives me strength and healing to go on and also help others as well.
      In conclusion to my testimony I will say what one of our priests in St. Rose of Lima said in one of his homilies “THANK GOD FOR GOD”.
      Certainly I would be lost wit out God and without His healing power and my life would have no sense what so ever.
      And just to add to that, I’m grateful for the messages in the Volumes.
      God Bless

      • Hmmm….

        It’s wonderful that you are edified by “Anne’s” meditations. One very large problem that I have with her writing is, however, that the words of Jesus are ALL from these meditations. Look at her website. Can you find ONE word from sacred scripture? Try to buy one rosary. Can you find one? I will even take one little teeny tiny suggestion to pick up the Holy Bible instead of her works. Will you show me? Keep going to Mass. Receive communion often and frequent the sacrament of reconciliation. Give freely to others in the name of Jesus. You will have all that you ever need. Of note, “Anne” has said that Jesus has a mission for her above and beyond her vocation as wife and mother. Compare that statement to the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary’s primary vocation was the greatest: She was wife and mother first. I find a lack of humility and almost a gluttony in all of this to be something that we should be paying attention to. Just sayin…

  • Maria

    I am a lay apostle of Jesus Chris Returning King for past seven years.
    I attend Mass daily.
    All the messages in the Volumes are in line with Catholic teachings and with the scripture which I read each day.

    My life had been saved because of the messages in the Volumes and my family as well.
    Also I never was asked for the money from DFOT. No one said to me: “give me your money”. I gave it or do freely as donation to support the mission.

    Our God is Love & Mercy. And His mission continues.

    In todays Gospel of Luke 11:15-26 Jesus say : “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”
    You may find yourself fight against God.

  • Rivka

    “The Breakable Vow” is a novel about escaping abusive relationships. Yes that includes abusive same-sex relationships and abusive relationships outside of marriage. But I wouldn’t call that a “positive” depiction of such relationships.

    As far as “Anne’s” mystical writings go, I’m going to leave that decision to the Church. If the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith approves them, then I will support them, if the Congregation finds error, I will stick with the Congregation’s decision.
    For the time being, I’m reading other (fully approved) writings, so it doesn’t affect me.

    • Kevin Symonds

      Then why trouble yourself posting about this matter?

      • Rivka

        good point.

  • John Mck

    November 11th, 2013

    ….. Bishop Leo O’Reilly has granted an Imprimatur for all of the writings of Direction for Our Times

    • Kevin Symonds

      Paul already beat you to this notice 23 days ago.
      There is a lot more to this story than you know.

    • John Mck

      Good, it was worth mentioning again.

      • Kevin Symonds

        I see the parallels to Kathryn’s “messages” at work.

  • Robs Rob

    Dear brothers and sisters. Be aware that all of Anne’s writings have now been granted the imprimatur by His Excellency Bishop Leo O Reilly. Authority is his alone, as local ordinary of the diocese, to make pronouncements of authenticity or otherwise. this authority is not granted to individual priests, sisters or laypersons. As catholics we must remain obedient to the properly constituted ecclesiastical authorities and not assume for ourselves a role to which we have no claim before God.

    • Kevin Symonds

      Dear Robs Rob,

      Good afternoon and thank you for posting. Some points:

      1) You forget that the Holy Father also enjoys full and universal jurisdiction in the Diocese of Kilmore.

      2) Would that the authority of the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno had been taken seriously by promoters of Medjugorje, of which Kathryn Clarke is one (she got her “start” from it).

      3) The imprimatur granted by Bishop O’Reilly is not the same as endorsing her claims as supernatural in origin (which is a separate theological and canonical matter). Thus, I remain completely and 100% within my canonical rights to continue challenging the character of Kathryn Clarke’s claims.

      I have a question for you: did the article above discuss the content of Kathryn’s writings as “Anne”?

      As to your other question in another post about accepting O’Reilly’s authority, I think the above responses suffice.

      Thanks for posting!

      -Kevin J. Symonds

      • Robs Rob

        Hi Kevin

        I did not ‘forget’ that the holy father has jurisdiction. His jurisdiction is of no relevance to the fact that the the imprimatur has been granted. Its done! Do you hope, perhaps that it will be undone?

        Secondly, the bishop of Mostar has no jurisdiction to rule on Anne’s writings…..bringing him up is simply a red herring. His situation is irrelevant. Complex, to be sure, but irrelevant to Anne a lay apostle and her claims.

        Thirdly, I am fully aware that an imprimatur is not a declaration of supernatural origin. I did not claim it to be so. Did I?

        Your responses do not suffice. The fact remains that Anne writings have been officially declared free from moral and doctrinal error. So I ask you, again, in full view of all who read this here…..do you accept this declaration. Its not a complicated question.


        • Kevin Symonds

          Dear Robs Rob,

          Thank you for having responded to my comment.

          1) Yes, you did forget that the Holy Father has jurisdiction in the Diocese of Kilmore.

          You said:

          “Authority is [O'Reilly's] alone, as local ordinary of the diocese, to make pronouncements of authenticity or otherwise….”
          If you did not “forget” you would have included a reference to him.
          2) My remark about the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno was only wistful, but designed to make you think for a moment. Don’t make more of it than this.
          3) Regarding this point, there was some ambiguity in your post(s) that needed to be clarified. To be clear, I will spell it out plainly and directly.
          A) I never discussed Kathryn Clarke’s writings (as in their content) in this article.
          B) O’Reilly’s imprimatur only concerns said content of said writings.
          Your discussion about the imprimatur is designed (and please, don’t deny it) to place me in a position of having to admit or accept something. Since, however, I did not discuss said content of said writings, your point about accepting the imprimatur loses the force with which you intended it.
          Now, regarding your overall question. I cannot answer. DFOT itself has told me that O’Reilly is awaiting the Holy See’s review of the matter before the Bishop takes further action.
          Who am I to judge otherwise?
          Thank you again for posting!

          • Robs Rob

            Kevin. So. I take it you’re not going to answer the question then. you see my original post was in response to a comment you made saying that you were concerned for faith and morals. it’s a little bit further back up the list of comments. you indicated that the basis of your opposition was because you were concerned about faith and morals. my overall comment is that the bishop has declared the writings free from error. so I’m going to ask you one last time. do you accept his declaration yes or no. its not a complicated question.

          • Kevin Symonds

            Dear Robs Rob,
            I said in another comment from two years ago that “the matter was one of the preservation of faith and good morals.”
            Please find for me in the original post where I connected that to the writings of Kathryn Clarke.
            That said, sir, I don’t think you understood my last post. So I will, once again, be clear and direct:
            DFOT has told me that the Holy See is currently reviewing the dossier sent it by Bishop O’Reilly.
            I am sure that you are aware, Robs Rob, that the First See is judged by no one. If I were to respond to your question, I would give occasion to my detractors.
            In other words: while the Holy See’s review is pending, I am UNABLE to answer your question.
            “Unable” and “unwilling” are two different things, sir. I am sure you understand this.
            That clarified, unless there is another matter about which you wish to speak, let us not speak of the current one until the Holy See makes its judgment known.
            Thanks for posting!

          • Kevin Symonds

            By the way, Robs Rob, are you Rob Longo?

          • Robs Rob


          • Kevin Symonds

            Ok, thanks!

      • Joan 3

        Please don’t forget that Sister Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scanlan are promoting Medjugorje. Go to their website and you will see pictures of them with two of the seers, from the pilgrimage they took people to in the fall of 2013. You can’t have it both ways. I first heard of Anne a lay apostle in 2005, and decided to stay away from her because it was a private revelation; five years later, in the summer of 2010, I was in the Franciscan University of Steubenville bookstore, and I decided to read some of her writings. I am now reading her again, with more understanding, since her writings have an imprimatur. I believe this movement is edifying for our times, and unless the Church speaks otherwise, I will continue to read her volumes, along with being close to the Sacraments. Fr. Trigilio said that we make a mistake when we think of a deeply personal relationship with Jesus *or* a Sacramental Communal relationship with the Lord and our Holy Mother Church. He said we are called to BOTH, Jesus desires a deeply personal relationship with each one of us, AND a deep commitment and participation in His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. These dual relationships are connected in an integral unity in our souls and lives. As far as I can understand in the writings of Anne, this is exactly what she is doing and calling others to do.

        • Kevin Symonds

          Miss Joan, I’m sorry but I do not understand what you are trying to say here.
          Please remember that the people in question once endorsed Kathryn BECAUSE of the Medjugorje connection.

          • Joan 3

            Mr. Symonds, you criticized Anne because of her ties to Medjugorje, then you said that Sr. Briege and Fr. Kevin Scalan no longer endorse Anne. You are holding up Sr. Briege and Fr. Scanlan as examples of what you hope others will do, but Sr. Briege and Fr. Scanlan have closer ties to Medjugorje than Anne, a lay apostle ever did. That was my point.

          • Kevin Symonds

            Miss Joan,
            Forgive me, but I must be having a memory lapse. When did I criticize Anne because of her Medjugorje ties? I certainly said nothing about this in my article. Was there a comment I am missing?
            I mentioned Medjugorje in an earlier comment to Robs Rob but that had nothing to do with Anne’s ties to Medjugorje, if I recall.

          • Joan 3

            Dear Kevin,
            I do forgive you for trying to engage me in a circular argument. I have replied to your article, said what I wanted to say and I will let what I have said stand. If you want to delete my comments, feel free. I wish you well and hope for the best for you but I have no interest in further discussion with you concerning this matter. Thank you.

          • Kevin Symonds

            I am not an Editor here at CL and cannot delete your comments. Please communicate your desire either to Miss Chelsea Zimmerman or Mrs. Mary Kochan.